A rainbow is an arc of multi-coloured light that appears when the sun shines through the rain. How is the rainbow formed? Sunlight which appears to be white is actually composed of seven colours. These colours are—Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, abbreviated as VIBGYOR, each letter of this word represents one colour. […]

What is hypnotism


Hypnotism is an art which can so change/control the mental state of a human being that he starts working according of the hypnotist. Man has been practicing hypnotic power since ancient times to demonstrate some mysterious power, magic or miracles. A scientific study of hypnotism was started by Franz A. Mesmer, a doctor from Vienna. […]

How is dust useful to us?


It is a general belief that dust is very harmful to us. But this is only one side of the picture. Dust also is very useful to us. Before we go through the uses of dust, its is essential to know what is dust and how it is formed? Every solid substance is composed of […]

Reliance banned file sharing websites to stop piracy of Don2


Reliance a major broadband provider in the India, has banned the file sharing websites like Fileserve, Filesonic, Hotfile and Rapidshare to name few, in order to stop piracy of its recent release of Reliance Entertainment Don2. Piracy has been a biggest threat to the Video (Cinema) Industry. Reliance along with other major Broadband service providers […]

Why does ice float on water

It is a matter of common experience that ice floats on water. Howsoever large the size of ice may be, it will not sink. Even icebergs which are huge masses of ice keep on floating in the sea. Do you know why ice floats on water? The law of floatation of bodies was given by […]

5 solar systems and 140 earths found by Keepler Probe

The kepler space probe by NASA

What is Kepler Mission? …. Kepler Mission  is NASA’s first mission with capabilities of finding planets that are of same size as of Earth and smaller ones around other stars in galaxy.

how to book tickets for tirupati darshan from mumbai


Lord Sri Venkateswara popularly known as Tirupati is among the most worshiped and famous pilgrimage place in india. Daily thousands of devotees visit the holy temple to worship the Lord Tirupati. Seva darshan to the main temple is made by the tickets known as seva tokens. Usually this tokens are issued at the TTD (Tirumala […]